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Here's a bit more about our services to help you choose the right medium for your design. 


Your favorite garment can be machine-embroidered with the most modern techniques, using high quality threads to create the exquisite results. You can customize hats, shoes, handbags and much more with this technique which is best done on sturdy fabrics and accessories. 

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Screen Printing

Screen printing provides a personal touch and is best suited for bulk orders, so as to receive the best bang for your buck. Each item is hand-printed individually and treated with extra care. The highest quality inks are used with each print to guarantee lots of wear.

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This printing method is best used on polyester apparel in white or light colors which allows the ink colors to show vibrantly. This technique is perfect for promotional items such as coasters, mugs, mouse pads and more, which are coated with a poly-coating. 

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Vinyl Printing

Thinking of creating banners, signs, or garments that requires unique customization? Vinyl prints are a good fit.  But the possibilities don't end there...decorating promotional items are also done with this technique. If you have an idea, shoot us a line and we could find a way to bring your concept to life.

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